Olson Tractor Restoration

We Specialize in Professional Restorations of Any Brand of Tractors, Pedal Tractors and Equipment & we also are your local repair shop to fully service your tractor, equipment and combines.  

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Another one of our winter projects at Olson Tratcor Restoration

We are willing to work with any condition of tractor

We want our customers to be very satisfied with our end product. We carefully sandblast the unit down so there is no old paint left behind.

Our primers and paint are a higher quality than original

At Olson Tractor we take pride in all of our work

We want you to be proud in what you paid for

We take pride in our workmanship...we want to take pride in what you own, drive, and show.....and maybe even to do some fieldwork...

We are fussy with our workmanship, because we know you want your restoration just perfect, too.