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We Specialize in Professional Restorations of Any Brand of Tractors, Pedal Tractors and Equipment & we also are your local repair shop to fully service your tractor, equipment and combines.  

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We have been busy with restorations

Besides, pedal equipment, we restore the bigger equipment/tractors, too!

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We started the project of this 4520 early fall of 2016....this is what we started with

We start the restoration by taking the tractor down to the torque tube

We use the highest quality of paint. At Olson Tractor and Restoration, we want your restored product to look better than what it looked like when it came off the assembly line.

From our high quality paint booth, the tractor comes back out to the assembly floor.

The re-assembly is tedious. We are very careful how we put the items back on the tractor as we don't want to damage any of the new paint.

The finished project

We a very particular when it comes to every step of the restoration project. We will fix any repairs, which needs to be done, as we are doing your restoration.

We want this paint job to be PERFECT!

At Olson Tractor and Restoration, we want you to be very satisfied with our jobs

Your satisfaction is our goal.

We want you to be happy, as you're our future.

The first week of November 2016, our customer came to get his restoration which was to be sold at the Mecum Auction in Davenport, IA.

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We are willing to take your favorite tractor and make it like new....Engine tune ups, transmission repairs, and repaint!

Allis-Chalmers D19 High-Crop