Olson Tractor Restoration

We Specialize in Professional Restorations of Any Brand of Tractors, Pedal Tractors and Equipment & we also are your local repair shop to fully service your tractor, equipment and combines.  

An Olson Family Restoration Projects

At Olson Tractor and Restoration, we do know how to have fun, too. We participated the annual UFO days here in Elmwood, WI during the last full weekend of July.....We won first place in the parade!!  

We has some of our tractor collection on display during UFO Days, too.

Give us a call if you have any projects or questions.

Do you need a pedal car or pedal tractor restored? Call us for more information

  Very happy to get to buy this 200 on a good friends auction. The other picture is of a new 200 at Grandpa's shop. Not the same tractor but photo taken in the same place 


Below is my D-17 series IV, been restoring it for the last year. I have been threw this tractor front to back top to bottom.

My grandpa Olson sold this tractor brand new to Art Lamon, I bought it from George Lamon, a few years ago.

And the restoration process begins!

You will not find paint over dust or grease...we sandblast your WHOLE project

The project starts to take shape again!


The Finished Project - Better than when it was new!


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